Smooth Devil Premium After Shave

Smooth Devil Premium After Shave

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The most amazing post shave product you will ever use. Zero preservatives, zero chemicals, zero fillers. Only pure, natural, and effective dermatologist approved ingredients.

Our premium blend of soothing organic aloe extract, healing witch hazel, pure jojoba, and vitamin E leaves your face calm, cool, and soft. 

Aloe soothes and hydrates the skin.

Witch Hazel is a mild antiseptic, and helps the skin to heal.

Vitamin E delivers powerful antioxidants to battle daily exposure to pollutants.

Jojoba adds skin softening effects and locks in moisture for all day hydration.

Richly scented with your choice of our classic Rum Trader Bay Rum or in Classic Barber.

Comes in our signature 4 ounce shatterproof cobalt blue bottle, designed specifically to protect the all natural formula. BPA free.


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