Handmade Sandalwood Beard Comb

Handmade Sandalwood Beard Comb

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We found these wonderful and affordable handmade sandalwood combs made by a small company in the Fu Tian region of China. While made for use on theatrical wigs used in traditional Asian theater, they are absolutely ideal for use on your beard for the same reasons. They do not snag the hair, do not generate static, and contain no seams on the teeth which can cut and fray the beard. 

Plastic combs, while convenient, cheap, easy to find, and relatively sturdy, are mostly manufactured using a process known as mold injection. This process creates a sharp seam that runs down the middle of each tooth where the mold meets. This sharp plastic seam can snag, and even cut, the hair of your beard. Snagging leads to curl, and cutting can thin the volume. 

You don't want that.

Compact, light weight, easy to carry in your pocket. Wide toothed to prevent snagging. The sandalwood comb is hand cut, sanded, and seamless for smooth glide through your beard.

There are many fantastic beard combs on the market, some demanding up to $50.00 or even more. These little combs are a great way to switch out your damaging plastic comb for something that will take proper care of your beard at a great price.

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