Starter Double Edge Safety Razor

Starter Double Edge Safety Razor

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Double edge safety razors offer a great close shave with less maintenance and time than a straight edge.

Along with convenience, double edge razors also offer the protection of a safety bar whether it is open or closed comb. We recommend changing the blade every 3-10 days to have the smoothest shave. And with the blades costing pennies a piece, these razors are the most economical way to stay smooth.

Most people experience a great reduction in irritation and the benefit of a closer shave when switching to a safety razor. And those prone to acne from shaving can see a marked improvement as well. This is due to the ease of rinsing the blade and greatly reducing the buildup of bacteria.

If you are considering switching to shaving with a double edge razor, this starter model is perfect for you. The lightweight metal alloy body is comfortable, and will allow you to quickly find just the right angle for your face.


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