Deep Conditioning Beard Balm

Deep Conditioning Beard Balm

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You have worked hard to grow your beard. You want it to stay healthy looking and sharp.

A high quality beard balm is absolutely essential for maintaining the health of your beard and the skin beneath. It keeps your beard soft, helps prevent frizzy split ends, provides antioxidants to help eliminate shaft damaging free radicals, helps to keep your beard in place, and relieves beard itch and flaking skin.

We built our Deep Conditioning Beard Balm from the ground up using only the most ultra premium grade ingredients available. Organic cold pressed cocoa and shea butters provide deep conditioning and essential fatty acids to the hair shaft, organic hemp oil helps promote thicker hair growth, Hawaiian kukui nut and sweet almond oil soothes and softens the skin and controls itching and flakes, vitamin E provides free radical neutralizing antioxidants, and plant based wax creates a seal against the elements, helps reduce shine for a more natural look, and lends control for styling.

How to use our Beard Balm: Best if applied right after bathing. Towel dry your beard, then using your thumb nail (or included wood scraper), scrape a dime to quarter sized amount of balm onto your palm. Run your hands together to melt. Beginning at the base of your beard, use your fingers to run the product up and through your beard, then down over the surface, then across your mustache. Finish by combing into place. Be sure and get the balm onto your skin. 

You can layer our beard serum over it for a bit of shine and added conditioning. 

Our Beard Balm comes in a generous 4 ounce tub. That is DOUBLE THE SIZE of most other beard balms on the market. A truly great value that will last you for weeks, if not months.

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