Classic Body Sprays

Classic Body Sprays

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When it comes to men's body sprays, It's time for men to bury the "Axe".  

Dashing Devil Body Sprays are the choice of modern gentleman. Light, masculine fragrances, with skin nourishing ingredients specifically formulated to be safely applied to the skin. And the scents are designed to coordinate with our other grooming essentials. No more conflicting fragrances.

The fine mist spray contains zero chemical propellants, drying alcohol, or flammable ingredients which make it safe for use around children and pets. It is safe more most fabrics and the subtle scent never overwhelms.

To use, simply towel dry after showering and spray liberally over the chest and neck areas. Then dress. The sea mineral infused spray absorbs quickly, and the natural fragrances blend with your personal chemistry to become your own unique fragrance.

Available in your choice of our signature scents:

West Indies Bay Rum: The ever classic masculine scent. From it's origins on the high seas, to Mad Men era Madison Avenue, Bay Rum has been the choice of gentlemen for decades. Slightly sweet, musky, with hints of citrus and clove. 

After Hours: Evoking the private men's clubs of the early to mid twentieth century, After Hours is an artful and unmistakably masculine blend of sweet bourbon, woodsy sandalwood, and fresh Cuban tobacco. 

Leviathan: Fresh Oceanic ozone and sea salt, with just a hint of floral for balance.  A body spray for those that enjoy a light, fresh scent. Reminiscent of a day on the bay.






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