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A Brief History of Bay Rum

The scent of bay rum has wafted through history, enchanting innumerable noses in many guises: as a tonic and a talc, as an aftershave, a hair lotion, a deodorant, and a shaving soap—and at every turn its wearers have reeled in admirers and warded off neuralgia. In the beginning, it spruced up the couth of European sailors in the West Indies. The sailors, being sailors, tended to get gamy, and they were intrigued to see the natives giving themselves refreshing rubs with the leaves of the West Indian bay tree (which in Linnaean...

Are you killing yourself in the shower?

That bottle of shampoo or body wash which promises you thick, luxurious lather and beautiful bubbles may not only be damaging your hair and skin, but its ingredients may also lead to irritation, hair thinning and loss, and possibly even some diseases. And while there has been great debate over this topic over the last couple of years, choosing to side with scientific evidence NOT funded by the big players in the cosmetics industry may be wise.

This topic has been in the news for years now. In fact, you may...

"Winterproof" your Beard and Skin.

The equinox has arrived, and along with the changing colors and pumpkin spice everything, comes dropping temperatures and drier air. And while most of us love this time of year, our skin and beards can get punished unless you take active steps to protect them.

Fortunately, keeping the ravages of Fall and Winter from battering your lovingly tended mane, as well as the skin under it, requires just a few simple steps. And the payoff is a healthy, happy, and attractive beard and face.

Here are some tips to keep you looking dashing and healthy this...