A Beard Product User's Guide

If you have been sporting your manly face mane for a while, and made the ever wise decision to maintain it, I am sure you can skip this quick tutorial. However, if you are either new to sporting a beard, or new to using quality products to maintain it, then this is for you.
True beard care can be broken down into three basic elements:
These are the big three that one must master when deciding to sport a well groomed beard. 
Just like the hair on your head, it is vital to wash your beard. Sweat, dead skin cells, food particles, and even toothpaste can be enemies of a well maintained beard. However, special cleansing agents must be used to maintain hair Ph balance, the skin underneath the beard, as well as the surrounding facial skin. Normal shampoo is a BIG NO NO!
We designed our Beard and Face Wash to address the needs of the bearded gent by building it from the ground up. It will gently cleanse the beard, while also cleansing your face without over stripping the natural oils that actually serve a purpose.
Use this beard wash about 2 to 3 times per week, especially after eating monster burritos, creamy soups, or nachos. Trust us......
Immediately after using any beard wash, you want to replenish any oils that have been stripped by the cleansing process. To do this, gently pat your fresh beard dry with a towel. DO NOT RUB. Like a lover, gentle strokes will suffice.
Take a dime to quarter (depending on the majesty and length of your beard) sized bit of Beard Balm and put it in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to ensure that the natural waxes are fully melted by your body heat, and, using your fingers like a comb, evenly distribute the balm throughout your beard. Start at the baseline, Move up through the cheeks, over the stache, and smooth down over the outside to complete the coverage. Immediately comb into place with a metal or wooden beard comb to style and untangle. And there is NO NEED to wash your hands after applying. Because of the all natural, emollient rich formula of our beard balm, it will soften the hands. Just rub in any remnants into your skin. 
On days when you do not shampoo your beard, using a HIGH QUALITY beard oil/serum is a must. You see, a soft and healthy beard is easy to achieve, but will not come without a tiny bit of effort. The hair of the typical beard is thicker and more wiry than the hair on the head. And if you want to look like a disheveled lumberjack or a hippy, leave it alone. However, if you want to sport a gentleman's beard, one that commands attention and outright respect, you need to take a few seconds each morning to tend to it properly.
Only a few drops, distributed throughout your fingertips and onto your beard, is needed. Applying after showering is recommended for best results. Gently comb your beard into place after applying.
In short, you should be tending to your beard on a daily basis. And the correct products and grooming tools are an essential part of setting your beard apart from the crowd. And ideally, for maximum effect, you should be incorporating a high quality, specially formulated beard wash, balm, and serum to keep your beard game in top condition.
If you ever have any questions concerning the use of our products, and how they may best be used according to the type of beard you have, feel free to give our client service number a ring: 503-954-2916 Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. If no one is available to speak, we will give you a call back ASAP. 
As bearded gents, we understand how hard you have worked to achieve the mane you have, and we are here to help you. Don't be shy.
Happy Bearding, Gents!
Michael Nivens
Dashing Devil Client Services

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